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The First Rule of Recovery

You don’t recover from an addiction by stopping using. You recover by creating a new life where it is easier to not use.If you don’t create a new life, then all the factors that brought you to your addiction will eventually catch up with you again.

You don’t have to change everything in your life. But there are a few things and behaviors that have been getting you into trouble, and they will continue to get you into trouble until you let them go. The more you try to hold onto your old life in recovery, the less well you will do.

We provide treatment options for opioid and alcohol addiction.


When someone thinks of Suboxone rehab, they might automatically think the worse because they do not understand the nature of Suboxone. The general public may think that you are just another addict if you are going through Suboxone rehab, but they are wrong. Suboxone is not just another street drug, nor is it a drug prescribed out to everyone. It is a drug to help people, just like you, through an opioid withdrawal. What you need to understand is if you are going through Suboxone rehab, you have already battled something much more difficult. You have battled an opioid addiction.


The active ingredient in VIVITROL® (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) — naltrexone — works as a “blocker.” It attaches to certain opioid receptors in your brain and blocks the pleasurable feelings associated with taking opioids.  Even though VIVITROL may block the intense high from opioids, it does not prevent good feelings that come from other naturally pleasurable activities.

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